Meet the Press   |  September 01, 2013

Kerry: 'There has to be a negotiated political solution'

Secretary of State John Kerry discusses the outcome of a potential Syria strike.

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>> before i let you go, how can americans feel confident that america's first strike against syria in this civil war will be its last?

>> david, that will depend on whether assad decides to use chemical weapons or not. the president of the united states does not intend to and does not want to see the united states assume responsibility for syria 's civil war . that is not what he is setting out to do. what he is setting out to do is enforce the norm with respect to international convention on chemical weapons . and it is targeted to do that. it will clearly have an impact on assad 's military capacity. but we e will continue and we will even i think sharpen the focus of our efforts to support the opposition, to work with allies and friends in the region, all of whom understand that assad has lost any legitimacy as a leader of syria and to try to hold syria together with a political solution that can be achieved through the geneva process. and we will continue to work with russia in conjunction with us in that effort to try to achieve that political settlement. that is our top priority. that is the fundamental objective of all of our efforts. it is to recognize that there isn't ultimately a military solution. there has to be a negotiated political solution. and the president remains deeply committed to that.