Meet the Press   |  September 08, 2013

Kerry meets with Mideast leaders

NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell updates David Gregory with the latest dispatch on John Kerry's speech as she travels with the secretary of state.

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>>> we've got a little news this morning. i want to check in with our chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell , in paris traveling with secretary of state john kerry . ab dr andrea, he's rallying the international community . what have you learned?

>> reporter: kerry said he is picking up momentum. he said today that the saudis have actually endorsed air strikes , but they have not said so publicly. so far he has no public endorsements of usair strikes except from the french. and the french said today and yesterday that they now want a delay. they want a delay to go back to the united nations because they are also, of course, pressured by public opinion here in france. so the secretary said just now that he is going to take that back to the president, consider a delay, going back to the u.n. where you know there is that russian veto. it does seem to be going one step forward , two steps back. but all of the arab leaders here today did condemn assad 's use of chemical weapons , universally, they said that it was assad and they condemned it as crossing an international red line . by the way, kerry picked up a lot of friends here in france by doing an entire speech about assad , condemning assad in french to the french people . and in flawless french, at that. david?

>> andrea mitchell , thank you very much in paris traveling with