Meet the Press   |  September 08, 2013

Chuck Todd talks upcoming congressional races

NBC's Chuck Todd talks with David Gregory about which Capitol Hill races to keep an eye on.

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>>> we're back. we want to look ahead at the big political stories for the week. our lit cal director, chuck todd , is back here with me. his "sunday first read." all eyes on syria . the vote in kong regs.

>> there's going to be a political influence. there are some political maneuvers, number one, to watch as mitch mcconnell is up for re-election. he's got a primary fight from the right. rand paul.

>> leader of the senate republicans.

>> the only leader in congress that hasn't said which way he's leaning. very interesting to see if it is a political decision or one where he sits, thinks about being senate minority leader. the second group i'm watching, congressional black caucus . does the white house twist arms and say the obama president relevancy is on the line. do you want to be a lame duck starting tomorrow? does that twist some arms against a group that is really leaning against this. and then finally, the guys -- other guys up in 2014 , senators and stuff like that, we see mark pryor , mary landrieu , particularly republicans in red states , a lot of them right now hanging no.

>> big question, how much this devours the rest of his second term. you're watching other votes outside of congress. we talked about the new york mayors race.

>> right. if i joke, if it's tuesday, somebody's voting somewhere. colorado, this is a state trending blue. they did a big gun -control, bunch of gun-control legislation, and the nra funded some recall elections against state legislatures . if they win those, i think that tells you that possibly the republicans have found a way back using guns in colorado.

>> and whether or not the gun issue comes up in congress again in 2014 . hillary clinton and jeb bush , strange bedfellows.

>> if it wasn't for syria , this would be the biggest political story of the week. jeb bush is giving an award to hillary clinton . the first families of presidential politics hanging out together in giving an award. the right's not happy that jeb's doing that. hillary's doing this on the eve of benghazi. there would be a lot of stuff percolating over this, but syria is drowning that out.

>> our "sunday first read," chuck todd , thank you very much.