Meet the Press   |  September 15, 2013

Andrea Mitchell updates David Gregory with the latest developments in Syria

As Secretary of State John Kerry continues diplomatic negotiations with foreign officials involved in the Syria situation, NBC's Andrea Mitchell gives Meet the Press the latest update.

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>>> of state john kerry is on the ground in israel right now where he's meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu whose reaction to the deal is cautious but supportive. we'll get a response from senator john mccain in a moment. but first andrea mitchell just back from her travels with the secretary of state with the very latest on this deal. andrea, it amounts to this, assad and the russians committing to say exactly all the chemical weapons that he's got.

>> right.

>> and to get rid of them by the middle of next year. why shouldn't that be universally cheered?

>> it is a very big deal , sweeping deal but there are a lot of ifs. is it going to work? the russians say they're speaking for assad . assad has not personally committed to this. he spoke to disclose in a week. what if he doesn't meet that deadline? the only enforcement is up to the u.n. and that's still to be negotiated and russia ruled out the use of force as a threat. that doesn't mean the president couldn't use force but with congress leaning against that with the american people against that, how credible a threat is that?

>> i don't want to get into the weeds on the united nations but when comes to force if somebody plays cat and mouse and wants to gum the works the u.s. is in a position to go to the u.n. and say, hey f. that happens then weath we're going to threaten force and are in a position to use it.

>> that's correct. in fact, tomorrow there's going to be this big report from the u.n. inspectors, not literally tying it to assad but it will build international pressure. at the same time, though, the only threat of force if it's credible at all will be u.s. unilateral force, the brits have said no, the french have now huge public opinion against it. there will be some arab support but the u.s. would have to stand alone and is it really credible this president would do that now? one other quick thing, libya voluntarily, gadhafi gave up his weapons. after he was gone we found more. the u.s. is still and russia still destroying our weapons 15 years after we agreed to. it takes a long time. this is very challengeing.

>> andrea mitchell , more from you.