Meet the Press   |  September 15, 2013

Upcoming budget battle: Next crisis for Obama

A Meet the Press roundtable forecasts the upcoming debt ceiling debate and the impact it will have on the president.

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>> syria is now going to get mired in whether this agreement is lived up to or not. a budget battle brewing again with the debt ceiling. you think this is the next crisis that obama is facing with congress. are we going to raise the debt ceiling?

>> this is really serious. back in 2011 , when the crisis visited them, the secretary of the treasury tim geithner was running around and saying if we don't fix this, we could trigger a depression worse than the 1930s . and when i talked to obama about this, he said, it was the most intense three weeks of his presidency. more than osama bin laden and so forth. so -- and the republicans are out here, a group of them in the house essentially using extortion and blackmail methods to say, if we don't defund obama care we're not going to do the routine things of government.

>> well, we're at a gail of chicken at this point and there are not -- no one thinks they're going to defund obama . not even the people pushing for it. at some point, you know, the republicans are going to have to blink and they'll fund it. if they pass a bill that doesn't include funding for obama care, then the senate won't pass the bill and, you know, somebody's got to blink. we're not going to shut down government. we can't.

>> let's be i think fair to the republicans here. it's not all republicans saying let's shut down the government if we don't defund obama care. so i don't think it's fair to paint it as the republicans because the republicans that have been here today including john mccain have been very much against this and saying --

>> it's the 40 extremists. that's who's doing it.

>> the insane caucus.