Meet the Press   |  September 15, 2013

First Read Sunday: Budget battles, Benghazi, & the next fed chair

NBC's Chuck Todd updates David Gregory on recent polling numbers about the public opinion on raising the debt ceiling.

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>>> we're back with more politics. chuck todd with his "first read sunday." we talked about the debt ceiling business. you're looking at it this week.

>> we did. we have a poll and showed the initial gauge of the public, the default position is don't raise it. look at this, 44% say no, 22% say yes. the white house pushing back saying you have to explain it to the people this. is the exact same place the debt ceiling was in april 2011 . now, by the time if hit a crisis point, more of the public moved into in favor of raising the debt ceiling but what this shows the president has to use political capital and time to flip these numbers.

>> we'll talk to hank paulson in just a minute. five years after the financial collapse and the next fed chair would be a bigger story if not for syria . is larry summers losing steam.

>> politically it looks like he is. four now democratic senators against him. just in the banking committee that could be problems. the assumption is it's his job to lose. the president feels like he's leaning toward him rather than janet yellen who is in the fed but in the president had his druthers it would be tim geithner . geithner has said no to him multiple times. this could come this week. i know the markets are waiting for it.

>> good no picture of geithner . i don't think he wants to come back to washington. meanwhile, talking about not only 12 years after 9/11 and the middle east , benghazi . back as a political focus this week.

>> it is. the house republicans have not dropped this as an issue. they didn't talk about it last week during the one-year anniversary of the benghazi attack but this week on thursday alone, three different hearings are going to be taking place on the same day on capitol hill . house republicans don't want to drop this. by the way, what happened in benghazi , this is a larger context in the syria debate where some people think if we had gotten involved in syria it could look like what libya looks like.

>> my sense is the president doesn't go back on it -- s if.

>> there is no interest in that unless assad does something else.

>> chuck todd , thanks so much. we'll see you at 9:00 a.m . eastern on "the daily rundown" tomorrow.