Meet the Press   |  September 22, 2013

Republican implications: How last shutdown affected the GOP

A Meet the Press panel of lawmakers looks back at history and how the shutdown of the 1990s wound up negatively portraying the Republican Party.

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>> here's my question for the group, and i'll come to you, congresswoman blackburn, first. you remember in the shutdown in '95 and '96?

>> sure.

>> it hurt americans. $1.4 billion in the cost of the government. the images of closed parks and furloughed workers and parts of the government shutdown was seen as a net negative for republicans. why would you want to go through that again?

>> we're not trying to go through it. we know the president wants it because he wants control of the checkbook for congressional spending. republicans are looking to solve the problem of all this spending in washington, d.c. look what has happened with spending since this president took office. look at what is happening with jobs, with the economy. look at what is happening with obamacare. and the impact that that, $2.6 trillion of additional expense, is going to have on federal spending. we want to solve the problem. we would love to have the president meet with us instead of going to meet with putin.

>> senator klobuchar? your thoughts on this?

>> first of all, david, i think the cuts are a great opportunity here. in my state, down to 1.5%, the real estate market is turning around, and you're seeing improvement across the country but we're not where we're supposed to be. the last thing american people want right now is playing political gains, putting in poison pills and threatening to shut the government down and default on our debt. what i think we should be doing is moving forward on the immigration bill which reduces our debt by $160 billion in ten years c years. if you want to talk about debt reduction, there's a good one right there. moving forward on the farm bill and looking for these opportunities to help americans get jobs. and this going to the end every single time like we saw in 2011 when the dow cascaded down 20 points is not the way to go.