Meet the Press   |  September 22, 2013

Does Obama want a shutdown?

A Meet the Press congressional roundtable discusses the effect a shutdown has for the White House.

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>> barbara lee , congresswoman, do you agree with your colleague here? do you think the president really wants to push for the shutdown to try to win back the house and get more of his agenda through after the mid-terms?

>> the president does not want a government shutdown . first of all, when the president took office we were losing 800,000 jobs per month. the president has turned the economy around. yes, we have a long way to go, but we are creating jobs. this administration is doing that. with regard to the affordable care act , for the life of me, i can't understand why in the world the affordable care act would be held hostage to our government shutting down. millions of people have already benefited from this. we have children who now receive health care who couldn't receive health care prior to this because of preexisting conditions, we have millions of young people who are still on their parents' health insurance plan who would not be on those plans, we have over 100 million people now who not be jammed out of their insurance because of the cofact they exhaust their benefits. people now are benefiting from affordable care.

>> they're being hurt by it.

>> they're not being hurt by it.

>> look at the 7 million more individuals who will lose employer-provided insurance. that's according to the cbo, because of obamacare. look at the thousands -- we've got over 300 companies that have altered, changed or reduced health benefits because of obamacare, and that is thousands -- hundreds of thousands of uninsured lives. we have 21.3 million americans who are either on or underemployed.

>> health care costs are going down. they're going down for the first time --

>> no, they are not.

>> let me inject a point of fact here. there is a lot of confusion and we've done some checking on this as well. even the issue of premiums. they have gone up in some states. they're coming down in other states that they have exchanges. you know full well it depends on who the governor is. if you're a governor of florida , you're going to make it more difficult, the feds have to come in and do it. in new york, democratic governor, they'rean easier time of it. it really does matter where you are. but there is confusion to your opposition. here's the headlines. roiters, cleveland clichk announce job cuts to prepare for obamacare. bloomberg, ge, ibm ending retiree health plans in historic shift. health care for 100 bucks a month? yes, really. there is unvulnerability because it is unpopular, but there is not a fact pattern that you can say is a singular fact pattern in terms of the impact of obamacare yet.

>> that may well be the case, but the fact is this law is creating enormous uncertainty that has americans on edge, that has americans understanding they could lose their jobs, they could have their wages or their hours cut, and they could lose their health care benefits, and that's happening to a lot of people. we have to remember, the body that has acted now to prevent a shutdown, to fund government, is the house of representatives . the house of representatives has said let's fund government and not obamacare. that's what the american people want. almost 1.6 million people have gone to don' to register their opinion about this law. the house has acted. the senate now needs to do its job and follow suit.