Meet the Press   |  September 22, 2013

Can a debt limit agreement be reached?

A Meet the Press congressional roundtable discusses a potential debt limit deal in the shutdown battle.

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>> will there be an agreement on raising the debt limit despite the fact the president would not like to negotiate about it?

>> i believe that there will be an agreement, and i think we can do it without any of these extraneous, partisan poison pills because the american ppeople remember what happened back in 2011 . we had our credit rating reduced reduced, and it cost us $1.3 billion in extra borrowing costs. this is money taxpayers have to pay. this is affecting families and real people , and that's why i think in the end this gaming chip has to end and we have to get on the real business of the american people , and that's why i think we'll move on and negotiate a real budget that's balanced.

>> this is just getting started. you're getting a sense of that here this morning. senator