Meet the Press   |  September 22, 2013

First Read Sunday: Party politics, Virginia governor's race

NBC's Chuck Todd updates David Gregory on the most recent developments in the American political landscape.

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>>> you're looking at a big week in the united nations . iran and the united states we talked about in the round table. what will we see here?

>> there will be the obama administration for rouhani's tone change. the question is, is it a hand shake in the hall, or is it something else? there is some work and still some wariness there and they're not going to go too much in with rouhani.

>> in virginia, they'll be moderating a debate between cucinelli and mccall. this is a tough race.

>> cucinelli trying to attack mccullough's character. running gets cucinelli's idealogy.

>> it's not just the president raising money to sell obamacare and the republicans are doing it, too.

>> you can argue that the nominee is likely from this group that will be at this fundrai fundraiser. look at this list. chris christie is woody johnson 's favorite from this six, but bringing in both sides of the party, it's interesting to see who gets the most juice among these big donors.

>> just a couple seconds. there is no momentum, is there, for gun control? do you see it there?

>> not at all. maybe you'll see a tightening of mental health bills. frankly you'll see congress mess around more with the contractor laws.

>> chuck todd , big week ahead.