Meet the Press   |  September 29, 2013

Cruz: 'The Senate needs to act'

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas advocates for defunding the Affordable Care Act in the battle over government funding.

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>> president says no way. the law is moving forward. are you in control?

>> at the end of the day every senator has to decide how he or she is going to vote. every representative has decided how they are going to vote. the house last night voted to keep the government open, to fully fund the government, but at the same time the house responded to the millions of americans who are hurting under obama care, and i think the senate needs to do the same thing.

>> i looked at polling that shows the law is unpopular, 56% want to uphold this law, so when you say listen to the american people , they're not necessarily with you.

>> well, look at the phrase "uphold the law," when you do the polling, the answer is always yes.

>> just polling methods --

>> i promise you any senator or representative that goes home to their home state and you hold a town hall and just ask people who are you facing? i mean, i have spent hundreds of hours chris-crossing the state of texas , and people all over the country are being forced out of jobs, losing their premiums and health insurance .

>> we'll get into particulars of obama care, because obviously there is more to that story that advocates will argue with. so let's stick to that story. how does this end? because as i understand it, you would only support de-funding obama care, a delay is not enough.

>> well, the next step, let's talk about that, the senate needs to act, in my view harry reid should call the senate back in today. we have a bill in front of us, there is a government shutdown in 48 hours . listen, i would love to be in houston with my two little girls playing with them this afternoon, but as you know i'm here in washington, d.c., as you know the senate should not be on vacation --

>> you know, the senate has acted, the majority leader would say, passed a bill to keep the government open. and then we've gone back to delaying or de-funding obama care. should they take a part of it? would you filibuster this bill?

>> let's be clear what the senate has done so far. so far, majority leader harry reid has essentially told the house of representatives and the american people go jump in the lake, he said i am not willing to compromise or talk. his position is obama care must be funded 100% in all instances or he will shut the government down. i hope he doesn't do that, david, i hope he backs away from the ledge he is pushing us towards. but that is his