Meet the Press   |  September 29, 2013

Cruz: Defund different from repeal

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas argues about the difference between delaying and defunding the Affordable Care Act.

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>> but senator, even republicans that i have spoken to, your colleagues say senator cruz can't blame harry reid for shutting down the government. senator reid acted. he passed a bill to keep the government open.

>> but let's be clear, the house has twice now voted to keep the government open. and if we have a shutdown, it will only be because when the senate comes back harry reid says i refuse to talk. also, let's be clear, president obama has granted a delay for big corporations, every big corporation has gotten a delay. if harry reid shuts the government down he will be saying if american families don't get a delay like the corporations, hard working american families, he is going to insist they suffer.

>> it is interesting, democrats say you know the promise with senator cruz' position is it is a purist position. there are problems with obama care. we have had some polls saying there is great dissatisfaction at the town halls, but you haven't debated on how to change the law, what you have gone out and said let's kill the law, let's de-fund it.

>> actually, with respect , david, i think it is wrong, i voted to repeal the law, but that was not my position in this fight. my position is de-fund it, which is different than repeal. and even now what the house of representatives has done is a step removed from de-funding. it is delaying it. now that is the essence of a compromise, delaying, simply on the same terms that has been done for the big corporations, that is a compromise. and at the same time, david, on the other side, what have the democrats compromised on? zero, their position is absolutely no, no matter what.

>> you make this argument as if there is no broader context here. obama care has been -- has been adjudicated and it has been tested to the political system. and so let's go through that. we had an election where i heard the standard bearer for the republican party , mitt romney , saying that obama care should be repealed. all the republicans already voted against this thing when it was ultimately passed, the supreme court upheld it. and then your colleagues said let's have a strategy de-funding obama care and the letter, and they joined you in that fight. well, here now you don't even have the same number of folks who signed the letter who voted for this effort. there are not protests in the streets arguing to do away with the law the way that you would like. again, 51% of the poll this week, let's uphold the law. so i'm focusing on results. your goal and results. where have you moved anything?

>> okay look, the facts are becoming more and more clear that obama care is not working. every day that is more clear, there is a reason the unions are jumping ship. one union after another is saying let me out. there is a reason why the president of the team, james hoffa , used millions, saying obama care was destroying their health care . destroying is his word. now, why is it that harry reid and the senate democrats are not willing to listen to the millions of men and women --