Meet the Press   |  September 29, 2013

Is Ted Cruz more moralist than legislative?

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas discusses his political leadership style with NBC's David Gregory.

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>> who did you most admire?

>> i most admired phil graham , there are voice whose say this is not possible. and if you remember back in 1993 when hillary care was being debated. and there were a lot of people that came forward that said we'll partially fund hillary light. phil graham said, i know you will remember this, he said this will pass over my cold, dead political body. and a whole lot of republicans who were scared, they looked over, he was not killed. they ran behind him and they said yeah, yeah, what he said. look, the power of leadership can change debates. we saw that just a month ago with syria . when president obama said he was going to launch attacks on syria , you had leaders of both house support him. and then the american people spoke up in overwhelming numbers saying we don't want to get involved in a sectarian war in syria , where there is no clear reason for the united states to do so and what happened, the federal government turned. we didn't get involved. we didn't launch the attacks, and just weeks earlier conventional wisdom in washington said it is impossible.

>> do you regret comparing the future of obama care to the rise of hitler in nazi germany ?

>> well, the premise of your question is not true. what i said is there are many voices in washington who said "we can't do this, we can't do this." and i went through the centuries over and over again when americans were faced with big challenges, on big occasions, whether it was the civil war , going to the moon or winning the cold war , at every stage there were voices of conventional wisdom who say this can't be done, and at every stage, the american people rose to the occasion. and what i said is we should do the same here. we should look to, if we empower the american people to get washington to listen to the people, that is how we get this changed.

>> do you ride this to the presidential nomination?

>> it is easy for washington to focus on politics. i understand, that is the business of this town. what i am trying to do every day is focus on making a difference in the lives of the american people . every survey that is done in this country, the top priority of the american people is jobs and the economy. under harry reid 's senate, we don't even talk about jobs and the economy. obama care is the biggest job killer in this country. and millions of americans are hurting. you know, i would like to see a democrat respond to james hoffa 's letter who said this is right now destroying the health care of millions of americans . that is not me, that is a democrat union leader who has supported president