Meet the Press   |  September 29, 2013

House vote brings government one step closer to shutdown

NBC Capitol Hill correspondent Kelly O'Donnell gives David Gregory the latest government funding-related dispatch from the halls of Congress.

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>> of representatives voted to delay president obama 's health care law as part of an emergency spending, the president promises to veto, the vote brings the country a step closer to a government shutdown , kelly o'donnell has more.

>> reporter: well, good morning, david you might expect there was action since the government was threatening to shut down tomorrow. but that is not happening, congress is on pause, after working until the wee hours they paid their message clear, but the senate tells me they are rejecting that flatly. that comes tomorrow. so today, when the country is waiting for an answer, congress is on hold. here is where we stand, this is what the house has done, they are passing funding to keep the government open and operating but with conditions to delay the president's health care law by a year, and to repeal a medical device tax paid by manufacturers for things like pacemakers or defibrillators, or delay that. also, they do want military paychecks to keep coming. but again, that is the house version where they stand. the senate says no way, the only thing they would consider is simply keeping the government open, nothing that would affect the health care law .

>> so the contest begins, canckelly o'donnell, i know you will