Meet the Press   |  September 29, 2013

Netanyahu's impending visit: What to expect

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the White House tomorrow; Andrea Mitchell predicts remarks he'll make on the Iranian relationship.

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>> to meet with the president tomorrow. he is going to say don't trust this guy, he is fooling you. i think what the president will say is that it will all depend on concrete results. words are nice, but what really counts at the end of the day is whether iran is ready to take action as the president said in his u.n. speech.

>> do you believe this is real?

>> i don't think it is real yet. i think the iranians will try to get sanctions --

>> and play rope a dope.

>> and play rope a dope. as the sanctions continue to bite even more then the iranians will have to make tough choices.

>> very quickly, what the israelis are worried about, and others in the gulf, is that the president will be so ready for a deal is that he will not be tough enough because of what happened with syria.

>> thank you both very much. fascinating developments. coming up, back