Meet the Press   |  September 29, 2013

David touts new MTP magazine

NBC's David Gregory promotes the new Meet the Press flipboard magazine.

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>>> we've heard from many of you that you would like a deeper look at the issues we cover here on "meet the press." so here is the answer, our "meet the press" magazine, on flip board, you can get it on tablets, smartphone or the web. it will provide you with the "meet the press" experience every day, interesting content from the same sources we use each week to prepare. books, magazines, articles, videos, we'll also have exclusive video from our program. download the flip pad from your iphone or smartphone, and once there, switch on "meet the press" on the tab at the right. we posted a link on our website, twitter and facebook that will take you right to the magazine. download it now, and let me know who y