Meet the Press   |  October 06, 2013

Lew says Americans getting information they need about health care

Lew defends the technical problems Americans are experiencing while trying to sign up for health care exchanges.

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>> were chief of staff when it was being implemented. 46 uniq thousands of unique visitors came to the website to check it out, but there is an uncertain number of who enrolled. the site has been down partially all weekend. how do you justify that?

>> if you look at the people of interest trying to figure out how to buy health care for the first time for people, the enormous interest shows how important it is.

>> fair enough, but why weren't we drid for that interest?

>> we always anticipated there was a lot of demand and the demand is being appreciated. people are looking at the web sites . they're looking at what their choices are. they have six months to make their decision. people are getting on, getting the information they need and they'll be makiing the decision. i actually think the experience this last week shows how important the care act actually is.

>> do you think it's going well?

>> i wouldn't say i'm a doctor of technology, but i have a share of apps on my devices, and i usually wait until a few days into them because they make corrections on day one, day two, day three. i think we're going through the same kind of process here and it's working well.