Meet the Press   |  October 06, 2013

Paul warns of the ‘gradual bankruptcy’ of America

Paul says GOP fighting against the gradual bankruptcy of America.

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>> the health care rollout this week by many, many accounts did not go that well. we just talked about it with treasury secretary lew, and yet all the headlines are about the government shutdown . let me show you the front page of the lexington paper and you'll see the top headline says, feeling the shutdown. talks about the health care glitches with the website rollout. should they have let people really experience it and see if it's as bad as you say instead of shutting down the government and now that's the subject?

>> it's always difficult making decisions. most of us ran for office, i ran for office because i was concerned about the overwhelming debt our country is accruing. a trillion dollars a year, we're borrowing a million dollars every minute. so i'm worried about the overall financial picture of the country, and so whether or not it was a good strategic idea, i don't know, but when are we supposed to stand up and say, look, we're out of money and we're destroying this country by this burden of debt. and so i think you've got to stand up, whether it's debt ceiling or whether it's continuing resolution, we have to talk about the big picture , and the big picture is not an immediate default, the big picture is this gradual bankruptcy that's occurring of this country.