Meet the Press   |  October 06, 2013

Have Obamacare glitches undermined health care rollout?

A Meet the Press panel discusses the enrollment glitches Americans are experiencing while signing up for Obamacare.

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>> about obama care. obviously the rollout did not go as smoothly as hoped. and saturday night live was there having fun with it. take a look.

>> the obama website had too much web traffic . you can't campaign the fact that millions don't have health care and then be surprised that millions don't have health care . how could you not be ready? that's like 1-800-flowers getting caught off guard on valentine's day?

>> how about it, steve, if you interviewed the president on this very subject?

>> he acknowledged there will be glitches. he said, expect problems --

>> it sounds like something more than glitches, though.

>> yeah, and this is huge because we now have the reality of obama care, the affordable health care act that's here. we had republicans saying be afraid, be afraid be terrified of this. we have democrats who haven't supported it much but they say it's going to be fine. now we have the possibility of millions of americans dealing with the reality of it for better or worse, and i think that's the potential of transforming this over time . i think it's still possible for reality to have a bearing.

>> but is this a good tactic on the part of republicans?

>> on the policy, i'm so sympathetic to my side on this. i think they're right about a lot of it. but that's why we have mid-term elections, so you can throw democrats out of office over obama care. when your opponent is in trouble, when they're drowning politically, you throw them a fire hose . we throw them a lifeboat and a machine gun and now we debate this -- excuse me, i'm all choked up. instead of 13 months away, getting control of the senate which means we can have the powerful fight. it's an incredibly stupid move.

>> do you agree with that, rich?

>> i think mike is a little too panicked over here, can barely get his words out. look, it's a short-term thing whether the obama care glitches get enough coverage the first week. the key question is whether there are really, over time , enough people signed up to make the exchanges work. they're very dubious about that. this law has a legitimacy problem. it was never popular when it was proposed, it's even less popular now. it was unprecedented in that it was a major change passed over partisan lines, and i think it's going to exacerbate problems in our health care system .

>> let our congresswoman have the first and last word. what do you think about this rollout of obama care? are you disappointed?

>> certainly, but let me different about enrollment and the plan itself. there have been problems with the enrollment, and yes, we should have been better prepared. but it does not negate the fact that the plan itself is going to work. we're going to reduce the cost of insurance. we're going to do away with things that have been creating problems with our deficit, like medicare part d. we're going to reduce the cost of