Meet the Press   |  October 13, 2013

4: MTP Panel: Impacts of shutdown felt across America

A Meet the Press roundtable discusses how the federal government shutdown is affecting people and business in the U.S.

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>>> final moments here with all of you. the unusual effects of the shutdown. so because of the shutdown, there is no administrative personnel to manage quota allocations so that fishermen can go out and fish or crab, and that is why you have keith colburn from "the deadliest catch" on television testifying on capitol hill this week. watch.

>> at some point you're going to run out of band-aids, and at some point you're going to need a tourniquet. i'm here on behalf of fishermen. i'm here for crabbers, but i'm here for fishermen. i'm here for our markets to be solid, for our economy to be good, for people to be able to buy my crab.

>> the guy just wants to go fishing. he was the most eloquent on capitol hill saying, do your jobs. i got to go fishing, i got to make a living.

>> and there are serious and not so serious repercussions from this data, but the fact is, and most of the country isn't feeling it. your nbc poll this week showed that. but there are serious effects, too. nih, we know people are not being accepted for medical clinical trials. what is it the white house said yesterday, out of five scientists in the government who are the winners of nobel prizes , four of them are furloughed, which is just a symbolic way of saying research has been shut down. the centers for disease control , food inspections are cut down, the salmonella outbreak on the west coast . no work that has been done on that.

>> i think as historians look back 20 to 30 years from now, this moment will rank like 2008 that shows a lack of confidence, a dearth of confidence. it may be harder to recover from than we think, and i hope it doesn't keep people from running for office, because it's clear that that's what we need most.

>> we'll be back with an exclusive preview of new findings