Meet the Press   |  October 20, 2013

Shutdown aftermath: What's changed?

A Meet the Press roundtable examines the political and economic outcome of the two-week government shutdown.

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>> has changed after this dramatic week?

>> i think the republicans may tire of doing faceplants, so i think the modern concessions that exist may have had a little manhood injection. they need to stand up to the tea party and be a little more modern party, or more realistic party.

>> i think the era of the tea party is over. we wasted 12 to 15 billi$15 billion gtb political action that was designed to win by intimidation. we have an abnormal government for the first time since the elections.

>> the economy takes a hit. probably about six-tenths of a percent. we go into the fourth quarter weaker than we wanted, and that is an important part of the year, holiday spending. number two, federal reserve tapering probably off the table for 2013 . probably off the table for much of 2014 . we take the brunt of this economic slowdown.

>> i don't think the era is over. john boehner does not have a working majority without 30 or 40 of those hard-liners who are not challenged in their own district. i do think, though, they've learned a lesson that they have to work together. there were some grown-ups involved that are going to talk about a one-year budget deal. but it's not going to be with the president saying everything is on the table. he does not mean benefits are on the table, so there is not going to be a grand bargain.