Meet the Press   |  October 20, 2013

Schumer, Coburn on debt ceiling talks

Sens. Chuck Schumer and Tom Coburn visit Meet the Press to discuss the debt ceiling negotiations among Capitol Hill lawmakers.

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>> to andrea's point, the crisis has been deverted, but why should anyone have faith that a deal is somehow reachable at this point?

>> i think there are a few reasons. first of all, the republican parties in the house and senate are not a majority tea party . they are mainstream conservatives, very conservative but mainstream. they've seen their numbers drop dramatically because they followed the tea party . and they, i think, may decide not to go forward in this direction. and so i think that the -- i think we'll see a new type of negotiation where we come together. now, one way, david, to avoid this from happening again is for us to implement the mcconnell rule, which says that congress must disapprove rather than approve increases in the debt ceiling. if we were to do that, the chances of going up to the brink again, the chances of this kind of debacle would decrease. i'm going to introduce legislation to do just that, and it would really help.

>> on that point, senator coburn, why would republicans agree to that if they just came through a negotiating term where they don't feel like they got very much? why would they lose that feeling that, in fact, using the debt ceiling as some leverage is a worthwhile concept? if nothing else, they kept the sequestered cuts in place for now.

>> well, david, first of all, i think the debt ceiling is a misnomer. we've never not increased it, and the first thing you do when you're addicted to something is to present the reality to yourself that you're addicted. and we didn't do anything except create a big mess in washington, and i'm not so inclined to think it was the tea party as much as it was outside interest groups and a few individuals within our party that took advantage of that situation. look, the real problems are we're continuing to spend money we don't have on things that we don't need, there is tremendous amounts of waste and fraud. we have to protect the promises made to the american people , and we can do that, but we can do that spending a whole lot less money than we're doing today.