Meet the Press   |  October 20, 2013

Obamacare: Is the fight over?

Sens. Chuck Schumer and Tom Coburn analyze the tea party's battle against the Affordable Care Act and whether it's finally come to a close.

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>> let me ask you about obama care, because that fight does not appear to be going away. your colleague, senator ted cruz , has said that he would do anything in the future to stop the train wreck that is obama care. do you believe the fight against obama care is over?

>> well, i think focusing on obama care takes you away from the larger picture, david. we have $128 trillion worth of unfunded liabilities and the total net worth of our country is 94 trillion and we have another $17 trillion worth of debt. what we ought to be doing is how do we secure the future? you know, i heard your panelists talk about the markets and the growth and the decrease in gdp. our problem with growth, in spite of what jack lew is going to tell you, is there is no confidence in the country about the future. and until you have leadership that brings our nation together rather than advantages themselves by dividing this, we're not going to solve these problems. and we have to be truthful about what the real problem is.

>> let me stick to obama care. senator schumer, how disappointed are you with the rollout of obama care? robert gibbs , who is the press secretary for president obama saying people should be fired for the rollout and the problems that have gone with it. how disappointed are you, and who should be accountable for it?

>> first, i think the number one point about the rollout is that there is huge interest. 19 million individual visits to the website? that's huge. 500,000 people, close to 500,000 people already filing applications, even with the computer glitches? the number one worry before we started was, are people going to be interested? will people sign up? and the answer to that is overwhelmingly yes. as more people learn about it, more people are going to do that. i was at a wedding last night and i saw my cousin who has a small plumbing business. he was all worried about obama care. what am i going to do? i have a small number of employees on health care . i said, your costs will be cut in half. he was happy.

>> that's not the reality today. you can talk about what will happen. the reality has been very difficult for people.

>> well, because there are computer glitches. look, every major tech company has computer glitches. you read about apple, you read about all our major tech companies. those will be solved. the administration is working to do it. they're putting in a tech surge, they're putting in more people at the call centers . if you need health care , the fact you couldn't get on the computer right away isn't going to stop you two or three weeks away when they're fixed from going on. i think the computer glitches are used by a good number of people who never wanted obama care in the first place as an excuse to just sort of bash it.