Meet the Press   |  October 20, 2013

Can term limits end Washington dysfunction?

Sens. Tom Coburn and Chuck Schumer discuss whether term limits on congressional seats could enhance productivity in Congress.

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>> politics. one of the striking things in our wall street journal poll was

the following question: would you vote to replace every member of congress? 60% said yes. we asked here on "meet the press," on twitter for ideas on gridlock. campaign finance reform . senator coburn, is term limits maybe the most viable way to end this dysfunction in washington ?

>> i certainly think it would bring a different viewpoint to washington . my complaint is the vast majority of the members of the senate and the house have no experience outside of politics which doesn't mean they're not great people and not dedicated servants, it means they lack judgment. and that's what i see most of the time. we just raised the debt limit for a period of time, and that's kind of like saying we're going to raise the legal limit for blood alcohol , thinking we're going to control drunk driving . we're drunk up there in terms of spending money. and we can keep commitments, but we can't keep commitments if we continue to spend money on things that we shouldn't be spending money on.

>> senator coburn, quick follow-up. how much of a reckoning for the republican party has been experienced this week because of going up against the debt default limit and the shutdown?

>> well, i think the fight on obama care, the affordable care act , took us off message. the large percentage of american public knows that washington wastes money. they just don't have a clue of how bad it really is, and so we lost the message there of what really needs to happen in washington . obama care is going to fail on its own right, and you just talked about the number of people that have signed up. the fact is the sick people are signing up, the healthy aren't. and they're not going to because the deductibles are so high and the cost is so high. the penalty is not enough to force them to do it.