Meet the Press   |  October 20, 2013

Can Obamacare survive in its current form?

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew discusses the future of the Affordable Care Act.

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>> obama care is not going away. it is law. republicans say they will not stop fighting. and the rollout, the exchanges, getting people enrolled has been very, very difficult. from the usa today , their coverage is this. the federal health care exchange was built using ten-year-old technology and the next six months will be an overhaul of the entire system. democrats supported the allies of this president and say this has been a disastrous start to obama care.

>> david, first let me say that the huge outpouring of interest shows how important it is that we get this right. there are millions of americans who want health insurance . it's important for our economy for them to have health insurance . i think that there is no one more frustrated than the president at the difficulty in the website. i can tell you most people around me have been working full-time on solving the more immediate challenges with getting the government open and dealing with making sure that we didn't default. there are people working 24 hours a day around the clock. hhs has said it will be putting out information on a monthly basis. hhs has got plans to fix this, and they have to fix this. it has to be done right.

>> can obama care survive in its current form if the systems are not improved for delivery of the care?

>> david, the test is going to be in january how many people are enrolled and what's the quality of service that they're getting. i think if we get that right, everyone will regret that the early weeks were a little choppy on the website. but the test is, are people getting coverage and are they getting the care that they need, and we're confident we're going to be on track to do that.