Meet the Press   |  October 20, 2013

What's the bottom line on Iran?

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew discusses nuclear sanctions against Iran and what lies ahead for U.S. relations with that country.

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>> trying to keep the government open and deal with the debt issue, you're also dealing with the sanctions against iran , and this is a big issue as you think about negotiations with iran . what's the bottom line position of this administration? what does iran have to do to remove sanctions which are hurting tremendously?

>> i think it's premature to talk about the evening. i think we have to go back and look at why the sanctions were put there in the first place. they were put in place for the government of iran to think about their choices, to bring them to the table to change their economic program. i think the sanctions are working and that's why they've started. i think we need to roll back the nuclear program , and i think when those movements come, any changes will have to be proportionate. but it's premature to talk about any changes right now.

>> that's interesting. if they were to enrich less uranium, they could have an easing of the sanctions, which, you know, to israeli leaders and others, they say that's a mistake. unless you completely dismantle the sanctions, don't take your foot off the pedal that's inflicting this economic pain.

>> i haven't said what needs to happen for there to be a reduction in sanctions. what i'm saying is we need to see that they're taking the steps to move away from having nuclear weapons capacity. we need to see real tangible evidence of it and that we will not make moves on the sanctions until we see those kinds of moves.