Meet the Press   |  October 27, 2013

How NSA spying allegations are affecting U.S. relationship with allies

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell with latest on the U.S. spying allegations and how it could hurt U.S. standing in the world.

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>> only problem president obama is dealing with. the revelation of spying on our closest allies and out reach to syria and iran . andrea mitchell is here, our chief foreign affairs correspondent.

>> we are facing growing outrage with foreign leaders facing u.s. policy and the outrage that we've been spying on them. a new report that the u.s. has been spying on the german leader for more than a decade. president obama is now apologizing to his closest foreign friends as the nsa leak story gets too close for comfort. word from edward snowden that the u.s. has eavesdropped on frenchmen, even on angela merkel 's cell phone. a furious merkel called president obama to complain.

>> the president spoke to angela merkel , reassured her that the president is not and will not monitor the chancellor's communications.

>> reporter: but the white house did not deny that it had happened.

>> is not monitoring, will not monitor. i think you're missing a tense there. you've got your president progressive there, you got your simple future , but you're missing your past progressive .

>> reporter: the secretary of state has been putting out fires here, there and everywhere. especially over u.s. policy toward syria . after two years of war and the assad regime's chemical attack killing more than a thousand civilians, including children, the saudis accused president obama of backing down, even helping assad butcher his own people.

>> the shameful way that the world community accepts the impunity of the butcher of syria is a blot on the conscience of the world.

>> reporter: furious that the u.s. did not carry out its threat to retaliate, the saudis shocked the u.s. by refusing a seat on the protest.

>> i think there is doubt whether the united states is really paying attention, really knows what it wants to do.

>> reporter: the saudis and israel also worry about iran . is the u.s. too eager for a nuclear deal, too easily charmed by iran 's president, ruhadi.

>> i think no deal is better than a bad deal. i think a partial deal that leaves iran with these capabilities is a bad deal.

>> reporter: secretary kerry said this week that the government shutdown made allies around the world ask, will america be a credible partner in the future? key allies say they're more worried about u.s. policy and spying than american politics here at home. david?

>> andrea mitchell , appreciate you being