Meet the Press   |  November 10, 2013

Kerry asked to clarify comments on JFK assassination

Secretary of State John Kerry avoids the subject of his recent remarks on the assassination of JFK.

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>> mr. secretary, final question before you go. you gave some comments in light of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president kennedy to nbc news that have now been widely broadcast and reported on. and in those comments, you said this. to this day, i have serious doubts that lee harvey oswald acted alone. that certainly would be surprising to a lot of people that those were your views. would you care to elaborate?

>> no. i just have a point of view. and i'm not going to get into that. it's not something that i think needs to be commented on and certainly not at this time.

>> do you think the conspiracy theory is his involvement with russia a motivation from the soviet union or cuba are valid at some level?

>> david, i'm not going to go into it. it's inappropriate and i'm not going to do more than say it's a point of view that i have, but it's not ripe or worthy or appropriate for me to comment further.