Meet the Press   |  November 10, 2013

Christie on his role in the GOP

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talks about the role he plays in the GOP and how he can affect the future of the party.

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>> a lot of speculation and a lot of excitement throughout the country with your reelection in terms of what it means. here's the cover of time magazine . the elephant in the room is what's on the cover. even, "four more years or two more years?" as it's crossed out, and saying you're getting ready to run for the white house . let me ask you this question. how do you think, even as governor of new jersey , that you can affect, that you can impact the republican party with this reelection?

>> i think the best way to impact my party is just to do my job in the same way that i've impacted my state. and i think, david, what you saw from the election results on tuesday is pretty simple. people want the folks they elect to get the job done, to do their job, get it done for the people who elect you. and that's why, you know, when you look at what happened on tuesday, it's about what's happened over the last four years. 143,000 new private sector jobs, cutting business taxes, controlling property taxes , reforming teacher tenure for the first time in 100 years and reforming a pension and benefits system to save $120 billion for the next 30 years for taxpayers. it's that kind of record that people were supporting on tuesday night, and i'm thrilled to get their support, and i'm ready to get back to work.

>> but whether you like it or not, you've been thrust into a position where the face of the establishment wing of the party, ted cruz is the face of the conservative wing of the party. who wins this argument? mitt romney said you could save the republican party . does it need saving and are you the guy to save it?

>> it was very nice of governor romney. i watched him on your program last week and i appreciate his kind words. i was a proud, proud supporter of governor romney and i consider he and i friends. that's what i ran for, that's what i want to do. i think what the election showed is if you want to attract a majority of the hispanic vote, if you want to nearly triple your african-american voters as a republican, what you need to do is show up. you need to show up in those places. david, i did a town hall in the city of irvington in my state about a year and a half ago. i got 4.7% of the vote in irvington in 2009 . i went there, and there were more people in the church where i did the town hall than voted for me in 2009 . you go and you show up and you listen. and you start to make your argument about your policies. and i think the results of the elections show that that's the kind of engagement we need as republicans all across the country. to listen and to show up in places where we haven't got a great amount of vote before.