Meet the Press   |  November 10, 2013

Christie: 'I think Obamacare was a mistake'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says the "president didn't tell folks the truth" about the Affordable Care Act.

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>> on obama care, the president apologized about the promise that wasn't kept with the individual market. do you think obama care is doomed? do you think the republican party has an obligation to make it work at this point?

>> listen, i think obama care was a mistake. i've said that right from the beginning. i think it's a failed policy. that's why we did not institute state-based exchanges, and you can see exactly why when you see the disaster that's happening right now. the fact of the matter is, the president didn't tell folks the truth about what was going to happen with their own private insurance policies . and what i urged him to do for the last two weeks when i've been on the campaign trail is tell people the truth. that's the thing they expect, and i think that's why we've gotten the support we've gotten in new jersey. whether it's good news or bad news, i tell folks in new jersey the hard truth they need to hear. even when they disagree with me, david, they've come around to support me because they say at least this guy is looking us in the eye and telling us the truth. i think the president failed that test, unfortunately, on obama care because that's unfortunate for the country. but i never have favored obama care. it's a failed policy. we all know that, and the fact is the president needs to own up to it and tell folks