Meet the Press   |  November 10, 2013

Is Chris Christie the future of the GOP?

A Meet the Press roundtable discusses the evolving identity of the Republican Party.

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>> party. joe, your book is coming out at an ideal time because the republican party is looking to the future. do they see chris christie in the center of it?

>> i don't know if they do or not, but this week they've been saying are we chris christie republicans or cuccinelli republicans? we have to have both sides together. the day after the election, we were saying, who has the best foot forward? we have to have the ted cruz wing of the party and the edwards part of the party . there is a reason they won, and there is a reason they won against michael do you caulk ukakis and that's because ted cruz was under the big tent . you're either fiscally conservative or you're a member of the tea party and you're too idealogically driven. this is not a kum ba ya talk, this is about winning. this is about how nick sabin wins football.

>> this is really the thesis of your book and we'll focus on the book in a little bit. let's broaden this out. mark halperin , this is the fight in the two wings of the republican party .

>> it's a huge fight and the parties have to sort it out. it has to be done by leaders. it can't be done by cable tv or twitter. chris christie is someone who is magical in the way politicians can be magical. people like having him on tv, he's a good talker. he won. joe said winning is what really matters. he loves to win. he's going to take over the republican association and see if he can win there. and he wants to be a leader to change the party . you can't say that about everybody else people are talking about for '16.

>> the man i just lived with, theodore roosevelt , was in a similar position. maybe a different kind of idealogy than his party at the time. through the force of his personality, he dragged the republican party to deal with the issues that were created by the industrial age . similar in a certain way to some of the traits that chris christie has. he was a fighter, he was blunt, he had energy, he had a sense of knowing how to address complex issues and make them very simple, speak softly and carry a big stick , you know, special interests . square deal . that's kind of the way you got to do it but you have to say to your own party -- he would say to the lerepublican party , if you don't come with me on these issues, the republican party