Meet the Press   |  November 17, 2013

Obamacare flub and its impact on Americans

A Meet the Press roundtable talks about the negative effects the Affordable Care Act implementation problems have had on the American people.

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>> look at the president standing at the poll in personal attributes. is he honest and trustworthy? look at the change. he was in october. now 44 to 52. that has completely changed. people say this is about katrina. i think it's more like a rock. the comparison is everybody looked at bush through the prism of a rock. here i think people are going to look at obama through the implementation of obama care when he wants to talk about something else.

>> the war is such a huge deal and so separate from everything else, but i do think people lost faith -- it was the straw, finally that broke the back in terms of whether people felt the administration was competent. and that is the comparison that has somme merit, which is now people look at obama and say, my gosh, can he be trusted but do these people even know what they're doing?

>> it also comes at the end of not a very good run for obama , because what happened is he kept moving the red line in syria and then the russians bailed him out. he was getting cover from all kinds of places that didn't emanate from 1600 pennsylvania avenue . suddenly obama care blew up. he hasn't had in the last year one big triumph that you can say, wow, he's on his second term, and as you know, in the white house staffing there is still a lot of confusion and infighting going on.

>> right now at hillary clinton headquarters they're having a meeting saying, we're not going to have to knock off the obama bumper sticker with a circle and moon rise that every democratic candidate has for two years. now the question is where do the democrats go? you're going to see i think the progressive left in the democratic party go back to their argument which is, why don't we do single payer ?

>> is there not a progressive fight, and i've talked to democrats who say, hey, we finally get to talk about the budget again, and that's where republicans seem to direct this predilection of hurting themselves. they're sort of counting on that coming up in a couple months.

>> i understand why people turn to politics because there are no good guys anymore. it used to be someone won and someone lost. in the shutdown, that was the republicans' tie democrats' time to applaud, now the republicans are laughing at the government's foibles. nobody is a good guy.

>> just think how different things would be right now if president obama had said, okay, we're going to delay one year. his quote, not enough awareness, there should have been, obviously, but they could have delayed it a year and preempted the republicans and said, look, we're not quite ready. we've looked into this, we've got some glitches in the computer system . we're not going to roll this out until we're 100% sure we can rule the people.

>> it's not like when the republicans said that they were really there to help.

>> wouldn't that have been a better alternative to what's going on right now?

>> it's always a sneaky trick to politics when your opponent is having a bad time, steal it and get credit. but this is how they got in trouble on this, i think. they won a campaign, so any problem they have they reach into the tool box , all the things that look great when you want to ruin mitt romney 's reputation. but it's hurt them on this thing. now the campaign is over, and they need to move forward in a way, but they've been defensive.

>> you don't think it's in comparison to iraq. obviously everything is different. but the idea there was a line going on, the hard left will say dick cheney and everyone else lied us into that war when, of course, it's grayer than that. did obama systemically say i'm going to promise everybody who has health insurance they can keep it, although i know it's not true. he will argue i thought the market forces would work and it would offset that problem and i wouldn't have to deal with it. this character issue is the really penetrating attack. if you can hit obama on character, you can take that 40% which is already eroding down to about 20. and that's what they're up against, the hard people like cheney who is up in numbers right now.

>> they did know these policies were going to be canceled. and it would have been so much simpler from the very beginning, and i felt obama 's advisers, the president's advisers, they've given him horrible advice. but why not say from the very get-go, look, i can't guarantee you're going to keep the same policies, but under the affordable care act , you're going to get better policies.

>> a lot of doctors are being pulled out of the system by the big carriers. that's below the radar at the moment because everybody is concentrating on this. we're in for a very tough year. and frankly, the health care of any country, and especially this country as part of our national security , if you have half the population or more terrified they're going to get a terminal disease or something that will keep them from working and they have no place to go to get coverage for that, it's more than just a political issue.

>> i asked somebody who is in the health care business and i asked him, what is your big question? and he said, when does this all get settled? the less certainty there is about this, it's going to affect who is spending where, what they're doing around health care , people just want the final answer. i think that ultimately gets to the bigger question about economic recovery as well.