Meet the Press   |  November 17, 2013

Looking forward to 2016 race

A Meet the Press roundtable examines how recent political developments will affect the 2016 presidential race.

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i wanted to talk a little about 2016 because i thought there were interesting maneuvers in the health care debate this week, and it had to do with bill clinton who tried to defend the president on health care , but he added this.

>> i personally believe, even if it takes the change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them know what they got.

>> that was the sound of the clint clintons unlinking the car from the wagon train , don't you think?

>> is this bill clinton saying how you get away from the obama legacy?

>> not anything even near that. it nothing to do with it. i was over there saving women in the middle east and africa.

>> they do have a memory of their own experience with health care . they got clocked by it. and they pushed forward very hard. she would not compromise and got her head hand to ed to her during his term.

>> kennedy was running against eisenhower in 1960 in effect, just like obama ran against bush in 2008 . so does hillary clinton want this to be the continuation of the obama legacy?

>> she wants it both ways, like george herbert walker bush , i'm going to have a kinder, gentler nation. kinder than who? ronald reagan . he was the reagan third term, but he had the nuance enough to say i'll be a little bit more center than this guy and hillary clinton would be a little more to right. she's already a notch or two to the right on politics. that's where she staked her position in the last war on iraq. the great thing about bill clinton , his hands are completely in touch with the average american . he's got his hands on the american experience in a way that obama has probably lost for a while. he knows people are really bugged by this promise that wasn't kept. he knows it.

>> i see two problems with hillary clinton . health care is in her world, too. she's got the problem of being up against new, which is often the most powerful thing in politics. second, chris is right. she's trying to hold the right side of the democratic primary where there is less and less accident gener oxygen every day. i actually think elizabeth warren is a credible candidate.

>> thank you for leading me right to the cover. hillary 's nightmare, a democratic party who realizes their soul lies with elizabeth warren , talking about social equality like she has for years. is it a legitimate threat?

>> i think it's a very legitimate threat. i'm sure you've met elizabeth warren . she's a very warm person. she can really connect with people. when she's talking to you, she makes you feel yik lulike you're the most important person in the world. she has the ability to really reach out and feel people's pain, and this will appeal to her base.

>> they say that about bond bond villains , too.

>> let me remind you it's the 17th of november and it is the year 2013 . we've got three years to go before we get there. and who is going to come out of the woodwork, what more we're going to learn about all these candidates and what is going to happen in the world. so i love the parlor game, david, but i don't think we're going to get it resolved here on a sunday morning.

>> here's a great question for former secretary clinton. would you like a crowded field? a crowded field with lots of sparring partners that you could beat eventually better than a coronation. i don't think the democratic party is the republican party . democrats are crazy that way. they want to fight, they want turmoil. they would like to see hillary win the nomination, not just get it. i know people think they'll get embarrassed by it, i think she'll be embarrassed by not running. i think if she runs, it makes hillary more of a centrist, makes her more plez aasant.

>> it does, but it also deletes the card where she appeals to women.