Meet the Press   |  December 01, 2013

Bottom-line question: Will Obamacare site be fixed?

Reps. Chris Van Hollen and Mike Rogers discuss the extension of the individual mandate and the potential for solutions to the website problems.

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>> plans. you made your argument. here's the bottom line question which goes to, will this be fixed? look at this poll back on november 18 to the 20th. will current problems facing the new health care law be solved? 54% do believe it will be solved. that's a level of credibility and belief in the system that presumably is very important. but let me ask you, congressman van hollen, we have seen delays in the still of the night . here are some of the headlines. the wednesday before thanksgiving now saying small businesses will have extra time before they can actually start signing up for health care benefits. should the individual mandate be delayed? this is the big part of health care . should that be delayed if you want this to work as well as it can?

>> as you know, they already moved the deadline twice. they moved it to the end of march for the original mandate. we've extended this to december 23rd for people to sign up. we need to adapt. we need to make sure we address problems as they come up and try to work on them on a bipartisan basis. mike says it's not political. in my pocket, eric cantor issued this playbook against obama care the other day. they're not trying to work with us on these issues. yes, there are problems, there's no denying that. let's work to fix them. we know when it's fixed it looks like california, it looks like new york, it looks like kentucky.

>> you're not saying it's the president's job to execute, right? this is his president's idea and it's his responsibility to execute, the federal government 's responsibility to execute.

>> no doubt about that. you have a lot of groups out there running ads telling people not to sign up. you have efforts tonavigators, people trying to sign up. democrats worked with republicans to get the job done.

>> should the original mandate be delayed if that's what it takes to get the program right?

>> as of today, no. if you can't sign up, but right now, it looks like we're making progress.

>> congressman van hollen, it's really important if the original mandate should be delayed.

>> you're punishing these people. the number one reason people didn't have insurance was cost. what this has done is increase cost. so, again, they're making it political. as a matter of fact, they tried to get people to talk about politics at the thanksgiving table by talking about the president's health care law , and at their own family table. if that isn't political, i don't know what is. here's the problem. you have 15% of the population didn't have health insurance when this started, roughly. we think that number was high, closer to 10. what they've done is disrupt it for the 85% who had health care , and their costs are going up significantly. so we've broken the system to help a few. nobody would fix a problem that way. and think of the people who are going through all of the anguish today for getting that pink slip on their medical insurance who have cancer, who have a wife that's pregnant. those folks are absolutely apoplectic. that's why i think it's crazy to say if we just tweak it a little bit, we'll take care of the problem. these are real life problems, and these folks are already having a hard time in the economy, and their health care insurance is going up and they have to figure out how to get it.

>> he just put out so much misinformation in two seconds that he can't answer. the reality is it hasn't messed up 80% of the market. the original market, which has already been broken, represents 5% of the market. a lot of those people were losing their health care on an annual basis before. we're trying to fix that. all the information about compromising your personal data, one of the great things about the affordable care act is we're not dealing with preexisting conditions.

>> we're not going to settle this here and now. we're out of time, but obviously this gives you some indication to our viewers about where this debate is and how political it will remain as we move ahead perhaps into the new year. congressman rogers,