Meet the Press   |  December 01, 2013

Panel on individual liberty and American government

A Meet the Press roundtable examines the delicate balance of a free society and a protective government.

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>> the enlightened period of the individual liberty as a real source of the government experience, and yet in more modern times that government should, as you were saying, mayor, play a role to do good, to use its power to actually fix big societal problems, but we do have this in conflict because the goal to do good to a lot of people feels like telling them what to do.

>> that's right. there's always been this retrenchment of collectiveness on one hand, and especially you're bringing up the early period. you know, this country was divided. sort of the northern part you had the initial settlers were okay with collectivism, but the folks that integrated and migrated to the south weren't that way. health care is just the icing on the cake . where is immigration? his push for guns? rebuilding trust in government? there were all these things that he thought in the second term, this his election to validation of a second term was going to do, and it's not just a lost year, it's a setback.

>> here's another aspect of it. we look ahead to 2016 . hillary clinton and health care . we've done some checking on this and hear republicans talking a lot about hillary clinton in this context. listen.

>> if you like your plan, you can keep it? that was not accidental. that was following the lessons from the fight over hillary care . what took hillary care down is that people realized, holy cow , i might lose my health insurance , i might lose my doctor.

>> who ever thought this was going to work? but i have to tell you, this is really hillary care .

>> we can't forget she was the original author of hillary care back in, i believe, 1983 , and that would have been a disaster as well.

>> i would think they would be a little more artful. the leading candidate is clearly obvious. i don't think it shows them being agile in putting forth what they would do, because they have offered nothing.

>> they're sticking to the playbook. they've tried 50 times to repeal it, and for what? we know the system is broken. what's the fix?

>> the republican really messed up with the government shutdown , we have the obama website. suicide will be a concern next. we'll see.

>> what the government worries about in terms of the website, if we're talking about this in the same way come january, then all of a sudden, the candidates out there, a lot of democrats have taken tough votes. they'll be hard pressed to go out there and do the same thing.

>> this is republicans hoping that if she say hillary care ,