Meet the Press   |  December 01, 2013

Republicans link Obamacare to “Hillarycare”

A Meet the Press roundtable examines recent comments by Republicans tying President Obama’s health care reform law to “Hillarycare.”

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>> we look ahead to 2016 . hillary clinton and health care . we've done some checking on this and hear republicans talking a lot about hillary clinton in this context. listen.

>> if you like your plan, you can keep it? that was not accidental. that was following the lessons from the fight over hillary care . what took hillary care down is that people realized, holy cow , i might lose my health insurance , i might lose my doctor.

>> who ever thought this was going to work? but i have to tell you, this is really hillary care .

>> we can't forget she was the original author of hillary care back in, i believe, 1983 , and that would have been a disaster as well.

>> i would think they would be a little more artful. the leading candidate is clearly obvious. i don't think it shows them being agile in putting forth what they would do, because they have offered nothing.

>> they're sticking to the playbook. they've tried 50 times to repeal it, and for what? we know the system is broken. what's the fix?

>> the republican really messed up with the government shutdown , we have the obama website. suicide will be a concern next. we'll see.

>> what the government worries about in terms of the website, if we're talking about this in the same way come january, then all of a sudden, the candidates out there, a lot of democrats have taken tough votes. they'll be hard pressed to go out there and do the same thing.

>> this is republicans hoping that if she say hillary care , she'll step in. they almost want to divide the party.

>> coming up, the roundtable is going to be coming back. as we give thanks this holiday weekend, harry smith will have the pointed story of the victim of the boston