Meet the Press   |  December 08, 2013

Mandela comparisons to Gandhi, MLK

A special Meet the Press group of guests looks at similarities often drawn between Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

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>> we talk about the mandela legacy and he's often compared, as we said, to dr. king, to ghandi . but those two were killed much earlier in their lives before they could see the fruits of that struggle. mandela stands alone in that regard, doesn't he?

>> in many respects. but let me just say this, i think it makes sense, david. when you think about ghandi , both mandela and king learned from ghandi his whole commitment as a lawyer to non-violence. that became king's legacy in his short 39 years of life, it became nelson man dailydela's legacy in his 95 years of life. king freed a nation and reverend jackson talked about the 1965 civil rights act , the 1968 voting rights act , the '68 fair housing act . the world changed and he changed with it. we have to lift this great man up for what he's done and what we'll do in the 20th century .

>> quick point, rick.

>> he drew a distinction between king and ghandi and himself. what he said to me once was he said for king and ghandi , non-violence was a principal. for me it was only a tactic. a few years later he started his way, which was the military wing for the anc because non-violence wasn't working for the anc.

>> when we last met two years ago, i asked about when they captured him, and i said, explain. he said, well, actually, i think i'm kind of glad i got arrested at that point. i said, why? he said, we've been targeting installations. we were targeting schools. i would rather spend 27 years in prison than have the blood on my hands of children in schools.