Meet the Press   |  December 08, 2013

David recalls his own Mandela memories

David Gregory recalls how Nelson Mandela has impacted his own political point of view.

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>>> we're back with our special "meet the press" in-depth look at nelson mandela . the question i've heard most after his death was what could he teach washington? before his death, he refused to be consumed by hatred and insisted on working toward a common purpose with his political foes. that to me seems to be what's missing from this era of argument in washington. president obama eulogized president mandela .

>> the day he was released from prison shows me what can be done when presidents are guided by their faith and not by their fears.

>> yet president obama has struggled since he made history. he still aspires to achieve political consensus on some of the country's most pressing challenges. mandela also faced obstacles. while obama only met the south african leader once, president obama clearly understands the meaning of mandela . i was in college when mandela was freed from prison. in 1990 i traveled to oakland to see him during his visit to the u.s. on a victory tour , of sorts. he thank ed the tens of thousands gathered in the oakland sun for his support and toppling the right racist regime. his pure joy talking to the crowd is what i will always remember. i welcome this moment to pay tribute to nelson mandela as a figure who can inspire human beings to be better people. he exuded patience, principal as well as grace as a person. even after so much had been taken from him, he kept his heart open and changed the