Meet the Press   |  December 08, 2013

Angelou on Mandela: 'I will never be the same'

Author Maya Angelou talks about the heavy impact that Nelson Mandela had on her life.

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do you realize what would happen in south africa had there not been a nelson mandela ? it would be running in blood. not too long ago, they weren't allowed to lynch a man or a woman, so i don't think nelson mandela 's death was in vain. his life was not. i will never be the same. we thank him for coming. we thank him for teaching us. and we thank him for loving us all. all.

>> what a reflection. harry smith , your thoughts this morning.

>> a redemptive morning to be able to spend it with maya angelou , but how eye-opening it was to be black and living in south africa . steve beko ends up getting pulled over by the cops in south africa . he's dead 24 hours later. you rick yosk your life just breathing and being black in south africa , and to see this man come out and talk about a teachable moment.

>> thank you very much, harry smith .