Meet the Press   |  December 15, 2013

Bill Richardson says Boehner reached a turning point

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said this week was a turning point for House Speaker John Boehner.

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>> to me the more provocative question with our congressman, bill richardson , nancy gibds, managing editor of time, kathleen parker and steve inskeep . you have this fight on the right.

>> you're going to have lawmakers who complain about this because they have constituencies and it's safe to fight about it because it's going to pass, anyway. a lot of them are being addressed, deficits have gone down, taxes are going down a little bit, spending has gone down and that does create a little room for lawmakers to address issues they want to pass. it's safe to complain.

>> it's a different conversation that i had with ryan on the hill. you look at that furious response on the right, it makes me wonder whether things get worse, whether the right gets more entrenched on some of these questions.

>> i've been talking to people on the hill, and on both sides, there's actually not much public interest in the budget, to tell you the truth. the conservative groups, yes. but john boehner made a very bold statement when he came out against these conservative groups. which he needed to do for a very long time, because they have been using these more junior members to advance what they want to do.

>> why now was my question. why did he decide now was the time to strike back?

>> my view is this is a positive turning point. this is a substantial budget agreement, not forever, but at the same time i think it shows that the grown-ups in the republican party have basically prevailed the vote, 3-1 in the house. boehner taking on the tea party in a successful way, basically sending a signal that we are losing votes, we, the republican party , are losing votes by the shutdown. so i see it as a positive turning point on immigration coming up. if boehner does the same thing on the debt limit. john podesta coming in. i served in the clinton administration when he was chief of staff. he talks to the congress, he'll do executive orders , he's good on process. i think it's a good turning point.