Meet the Press   |  December 15, 2013

Hayden weighs in on the NSA and surveillance debate

Gen. Michael Hayden says Edward Snowden should not be given amnesty and the NSA is not abusing its spying powers.

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>>> now to the spying debate in america. a special task force is recommending a sweeping overhaul on the national security , including how it got its way with americans. what does this mean for intelligence gathering ? i'm joined by general michael hayden , former director of the national security agency and cia. thank you for joining me this morning.

>> good morning.

>> the president wants to change the way how a lot of spying goes on and the collection of data of americans. once you build a security state, to the extent it's built, how do you dismantle it?

>> it's a good yes. it's a question i've been asking public audiences for two or three years. at what point do the things that were necessary at one time become less necessary, and who has the political coverage to step back some of the things that were quite appropriate for the situations of danger in which we found ourselves, but as we get better at this, as the threat changes, how do you draw back? it's a great question. and the element there that's required is courage.