Meet the Press   |  December 15, 2013

Hayden on spying: ‘There is no abuse’

U.S. spying agencies are not abusing their power, Gen. Michael Hayden says.

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>> edward snowden is still a controversial figure. he was runner-up to pope francis as time person of the year. we'll talk to nancy gibbs about that in just a couple minutes. but as criticized as he is, and i do get that, who else was exercising a real check and balance on the access of this security state?

>> it's not surprising to you, probably, someone of my background says i didn't see the access. i saw the potential of problems.

>> you don't see abuse.

>> no, there is no abuse. by the way, i don't see any unlawfulness, either. this was all done according to the madsonian formula. the president authorized, the legislature lejs lagislated and the court oversaw. we can have a legitimate argument whether it's wise, whether it's a proper balance between liberty and security, but there were no abuses.