Meet the Press   |  December 15, 2013

Time editor explains pope’s selection as ‘Person of the Year’

Time managing editor Nancy Gibbs explains why the magazine chose Pope Francis over Edward Snowden as their “Person of the Year.”

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>>> magazine. he's not the person of the year, but edward snowden was a significant figure. could we be having this debate without him?

>> no, and we interviewed him for our piece, and he pushed the point that the public has to have an informed debate about the surveillance capabilities, and when the public doesn't even know what the government is capable of doing, that debate isn't possible. he felt like his purpose was to make it clear this is what's going on, this is what government is capable of and these are the implications of possible free citizenship.

>> do you feel there would be too much political heat to pick edward snowden over pope francis?

>> i think both make center stage . in the case of the pope, it is the one the president was talking about again this week about inequality and the implications of growth of poverty around the world and responsibilities people have about that. i think it's hard to argue that is not also a crucial conversation. there are a lot of other reasons, too, i think the pope is a very significant figure, but there's no