Meet the Press   |  December 22, 2013

Lagarde discusses breaking the glass ceiling

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde talks about the progress women have made in the corporate world and how their role continues to evolve in the professional landscape.

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>> as a woman in power, you think a lot about these issues, about women in power around the world. a headline here significantly, mary berra now running general motors . perhaps a big deal was it wasn't a big deal that she has come up through the country. there are still only 5% of ceos in the fortune 500 who are women . but it's not just ceos, there are companies, law firms , large organizations who still fail to recognize the upside potential of women as managers, women as executives, women being powerful as consumers as well as leaders. why do you think that still is, and what breaks that? what changes minds about that?

>> why it is, i think it's historically based, it's deeply rooted in certain societies, more so than --

>> the power struggle .

>> the power struggle , absolutely. why should i leave my seat to somebody else and particularly somebody of the other gender, is sort of inherent to a tradition that has sustained over time . how can it change? first of all, because women can demonstrate that they can do the job, whether it's, as you say, first, being great leaders in their respect active ive environment with a corporate public, there is evidence that women can do the job and do it well. i think the second reason is it makes economic sense. there are countries, particularly advanced countries , like japan, like korea, that need to open up that job market to women , and in the u.s., as in other european countries , the participation of women in the job market , the access for women to credit is going to be con conducive to more growth, more stability. it's a factor to growth to include as many people as possible and to include women .

>> there is a lot of focus on hillary clinton running for the presidency. and there has also been speculation about you. would you seek higher work?

>> i don't think about the presidency. i think about the job i'm doing at the moment. i have more years to go, more work to do, and i'm really excited about it.

>> you wouldn't rule out the presidency at some time?

>> the future will tell.