Meet the Press   |  December 29, 2013

Castro: I hope Issa has learned a lesson

Rep. Joaquin Castro said he hopes Issa has learned a lesson following new revelations about the Benghazi attack.

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>> aftermath of benghazi and the report this morning. does it change the debate?

>> well, it certainly does, david, and i hope that chairman issa and others have learned a lesson from this. chairman issa and members of that committee crusaded for over a year on what was really a fairy tale claiming that the administration knew that al qaeda was involved and wouldn't admit it. and the fact is when a tragedy like this happens, whether it's something like this or a mass shooting on the a school, there is a lot of information that comes out at the beginning that later has to be verified. but the important thing is that susan rice and the administration were trying their best to level with the american people , and some of the information that came out early, although it may have been wrong, that was their best effort . darrell issa and others took that and crusaded against the administration in a way that i think has been a big distraction for the american people .