Meet the Press   |  January 05, 2014

Roundtable Reviews Remarks on Economy, Obamacare

A Meet the Press roundtable discusses viewpoints expressed earlier on the show by other guests.

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>>> i want to talk about what's happened on the program here today, and chuck todd , you were sing he would out by gene sperling on this broader question of obamacare. it's similar to where we started the program. he's saying, we do want to talk about obamacare. we're going to own it this year. do you think that's true?

>> i think the administration is hoping they will get there, but they have senate democrats . gene sperling is not running for senate in louisiana, in montana, all these red states where the issues of health care is so politicized and it's such a red-blue divide that it's going to be a challenge. he's right, if the administration can turn this page and make it so all of a sudden republicans are are on the side of taking away health care by opposing the administration on health care , they could possibly, at least, i would say, get rid of some of the hostility toward health care in places like north carolina . it's never going to be, i don't think, popular in those states this year.

>> gene, the question is whether congress has any appetite to do what they were talking about to go beyond the insurance question but the aspects of the health care system they were going to address.

>> that was a fascinating conversation you had with him a few minutes ago. maybe in another year. this is a year devisible by two. it's a primary year, and for the house members, every single one of them, the idea we're going to tackle something big. immigration, different subject. maybe something happens there in a piecemeal way, maybe the administration comes together, but i don't see it on medicare.