Meet the Press   |  February 02, 2014

Reviewing Rand Paul's Rip on Clintons

A Meet the Press roundtable looks back at last week's episode, where Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul lambasted the Clintons.

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>> we've talked about christie in 2016 . hillary clinton still such a focus. polling came out. big surprise from the " washington post ," abc news that hillary clinton is trouncing any opponent she might have in the party is, joe biden or elizabeth warren . very interesting last week here with rand paul, really amping up kind confident republican response and raising bill clinton , raising monika lewinsky, maureen dowd rights in her column this morning the times that he had something of a point. here's a portion of what she wrote this morning. it's not so simple to cast hillary as a victim. she was also part of the damage control team to vouch for her husband and vouch for his mistress. they spread the word monika was a troubled young woman with stalking tendencies. she was distressed that the president was being attacked for his ministry of a troubled person. is this groundhog day in politics too?

>> such great memories.

>> david wildstein while all this was happening

>> gwenn, you go forward. is this deft on the part of the republicans?

>> watching that last week, i had the feeling he was -- this was something that occurred to him as he was defending his wife who had raised this question. people who live through this had for whom this was an important part of their political life and formative issue will be happy to write about it again. but as we spend all of our time obsessing about the clintons again and about hillary clinton again, i think there's a lot less time being spent aside from the chris christie who the republican nominee is going to be. there's got to be a republican nominee and they don't know at all. is it just me?

>> is that so bad though?

>> first of all, i think you're right.

>> hillary clinton in a way is waiting in the wings in a way maybe no republican could be.

>> she's been an overwhelming front-runner about before and that didn't work out well last time. maybe it works out this time. rand paul, he was being asked about his wife's comments. i get the sense the republicans don't.

>> for a riff, that was pretty -- that was pretty well played.

>> they're not sitting around in back rooms figuring out how to bring up the '90s again. i don't think they fear hillary clinton . it's probably not going to be a status quo election. is she going to be able to brand herself hope and change 2.0? i doubt it.

>> the backdrop of these comments and the state of the union are that the american people want to see positive action from this town.

>> go forward, not back into it has slowed down everybody.

>> this it is barbara bush 's point. if it's clinton busch again how are you going forward?

>> watching developments around hillary clinton , you know, i hope the message that they got from the '07 and '08 was we didn't do inevitability inevitably enough.

>> that's pretty good.

>> i spent time thinking about it.

>> he's just riffing

>> i didn't write this. what i mean by that is, democrats and americans want to see not that you can get a super pac to align with you and not that you can get big donors aligned with you, but do you have an american vision , a vision for how america fits into the world and what the role we want to see ourselves play.

>> all right.

>> at home and abroad. i think that's the reen onus