Meet the Press   |  February 02, 2014

Bridge Scandal Investigator: 'Nothing Directly Implicates' Christie

The New Jersey politician leading the investigation into the Chris Christie bridge scandal discusses the latest information in the case.

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>> i had no knowledge or involvement in this issue in its planning or its execution. and i am stunned by the abject stupidity that was shown here.

>> we are back. that, of course, new jersey governor chris christie denying that he had anything to do with the lane closures of the george washington bridge . the man leading the investigation into the bridge scandal is here with once again. assembly man june wisniewski. welcome back to "meet the press."

>> thank you.

>> now you have david wildstein as we have been talking about this morning saying that evidence exists that christie is not telling the whole truth. what do we actually have here?

>> well, that's the question. we don't really know what the evidence is. he submitted over 900 pages of documents in response to the committee's subpoena. apparently what he's talking about must be something other than what he's.

>> 900 pages, nothing implicates christie . is that right?

>> nothing that says the governor knew contemporaneously.

>> if he had this, why didn't he give it to you.

>> that's a great question.

>> doesn't that undermine his credibility?

>> it really raises questions.

>> this guy wants immunity. he wants his legal bills being paid and he's raising a charge that you should have known if he turned over 900 pages of information.

>> the use of the words evidence exists supposed to saying i have documents or i have an e-mail, it's a curious choice of words which may be he knows somebody else that has information. maybe this is a conversation he had. maybe this is something else that is not within the scope of the subpoena the committee issued. so it raises questions about what does he have and why doesn't the committee have it.

>> do you any reason to not believe chris christie on what he said publicly?

>> i have a lot of questions what the governor said and what mr. wildstein is saying. the only way we can answer the questions is to get more information and more documents.

>> to that point, are you getting more information as early as tomorrow?

>> tomorrow we hope to be starting to get responses to the subpoenas. some attorneys have asked for leeway in terps of the production dates. we've granted some.

>> there's a criminal probe by the utah attorney in this district, paul fishman. is he going to shut down what you do so he can do what he does?

>> no, our counsel met with the u.s. attorney . they've had a conversation. he's very comfortable, our attorney is very comfortable that this investigation can proceed on a parallel track.

>> what's the end game here? i ask that because you've talked about some of it and i've made this point clear before. you were the state democratic chairman. okay? you are a democrat who actually was responsible for the political arm of the state. you've been asked about what crime might it be involved here. back in january you said on "nbc nightly news," let me play it on the screen.

>> sure.

>> using the george washington bridge , a public resource to exact a political vendetta is a crime. having people use their official position to have a political gain is a crime. and so if those tie back into the governor in any way, it clearly becomes an impeachable offense.

>> so what is the crime that is an impeachable offense?

>> well, the question is, did the governor commit one of these acts? is the governor responsible for this? we don't have any proof right now that the governor said go and close the lanes. we know that somebody who was in his office, bridgette kelly, ordered the lane closures. so the hypothetical was asked, is this a crime? in well, using a public resource for political mr. purposes --

>> but let's be clear. people are going to come forward, people who want immunity are going to turn on governor. this is how this works when you're a potential target, you turn on the governor. you're making it very clear that the bar is high. you need very clear proof that the governor ordered this. is that right?

>> absolutely. we don't have any proof. we need more proof. remember, we're a legislative inquiry trying to change the way the port authority operates. our end game is not any law enforcement action. our end game here is to change the culture of the port authority to make this agency more accountable, more transparent which it's not right now.

>> you're not after governor christie .

>> that's not our goal. our goal is to fix the authority.

>> would you like to see him stay in office?

>> that's up to the people of new jersey whether he copies or whether he is going to -- it's up to him.

>> do you have a responsibility as a democrat to seek more republican voices, to stand next to you to say let's be truly bipartisan about this, and let's make it very clear that all the shots that might it be taken at the governor only are valid if they can establish that he ordered this? otherwise, this thing can grind on and eat at him politically.

>> but this isn't a probe about the governor. let's make it clear.

>> if he is in trouble, it's absolutely about the governor. you just told me. you would have to problem he ordered. it's everything about the governor.

>> the steps led us to the bridge, to the governor's office. now we're in the governor's office who told bridgette kelly to close the lanes? under what authority? that's what we have to find out. the bar has been set high because the governor has certain ambitions and people are talking about him in a national context. but the fact of the matter remains. we want to get answers how this could happen.

>> you've scoured e-mail, text messaging. you've looked at a lot of communication within this administration already, haven't you?

>> we've looked at all of the documents we've gotten from wildstein, baroni. we haven't gotten responses back from the governor or other individuals we subpoenaed. we don't know what this will lead us to.

>> nothing yet implicates the governor.

>> not directly.

>> david, thank you.