Meet the Press   |  February 09, 2014

Hillary in 2016: The Bill Factor

Authors Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes discuss the influence former President Bill Clinton has on former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's political career.

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>> he loom? you've heard rand paul in an interview today talking about lewinsky, talking about the past, calling bill clinton a sexual predator . so that issue is there. but it's also to what extent does he play in a campaign which he did so large before in a potential administration. here's a moment from her 2008 campaign convention speech you right about. while stheel had been on a mock stage at the convention center , but with her there's a blind spot . you see this visceral reaction to what's going on with her that he has. it's a problem for him. look, there's been the al gore method, distance yourself from bill clinton . that didn't work. there was the 2008 hillary clinton method, you know, sort of of let him do what he's doing, he's a good strategist. barack obama is the one that figure the out how to use him. put him out as a surrogate but don't let him do a lot of interviews with the press. if she can get him to do what he did on the 2012 campaign trail and we go deep into that in the book, she will serve herself well.