Meet the Press   |  February 09, 2014

In Search of Bold Ideas: A Hungry Congress

A Meet the Press roundtable talks about the future of pending reforms and the possible resolution to the immigration debate.

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>>> your foets lined up. i want to make very clear you've taken a lot of notes. senator schumer may have slansed something to get this imdprags debate back on track.

>> i think he's trying to call the bluff of the republicans, john boehner , paul ryan have been saying we can't trust obama. so what he's saying is okay, the new law will not take effect until after obama leaves office. and i think john boehner and paul ryan are really on the line here because they've been sending signals privately to all kinds of pro immigration groups. they really want to do this. they've shown some guts and now they're in danger of looking gutless by folding at the first signs of pressure. so i think --

>> is that your pressure, mike needham , as a conservative lobbyist.

>> the pro immigration groups he's talking to are big business lobbyists in washington , d.c. we needk$l@ modern immigration system. the bill schumer is talking about is a comprehensive bill that gets into detail of how many ski instructors will be allowed to come into the system. american people are bored how to change the status quo which is broken on the margin and instead looking for big bold ideas.

>> every college president in the country is saying you've got to fix this, especially for the hi-tech jobs.

>> we do. that's why the house of representatives in the 11th congress passed a bill to expand the number of visas. these fights are about how to change the status quo . lobbyists are happy.

>> it's not about who runs the republican party . do the leaders to want to have a presidential national future as a multiracial party, do they run the party or does mike run the party? the truth is, mike runs the party.

>> moneyna, go ahead.

>> it's primary season. i completely get it if you're house member worried about a primary challenge having the debate come up in the height of the primary filing system . that might not be a great time. as the lens starts to shift from the midterms to the 2016 race, this is going to become clearer that this issue has to become resolved.

>> not have millions of people with no documentation and all of these children, as well. this is an unsustainable situation.

>> everybody agrees with that and the republican party should be strong enough and big1 #? enough we can have a fak-based debate what the right way to do any issue. we're doing a conference tomorrow. it's a conservative reform conference. nine hours of people coming over. senator tim scott talking about school choice reform, senator ted cruz talking about access to energy. these are all things the country needs and that conservatives have good reform ideas. the problem is that you have a broken status quo in washington , d.c. where where 33,000 lobbyists say we're not going to let anything truly bold go forward because then there's wenners and losers. we prefer the current system where we can pick winners and losers by working with hillary clintoning

>> probably i go to your conference, i'll agree. i just don't see the political path. explain to me demographically how does the party survive without immigration.

>> how are those lobbyists different from you as a lobbyist.

>> by showing the republican party is on the side of the overwhelming majority of the american people who don't feel heard in washington . they're right. we don't center a tax code about raising money to fund government.

>> african-americans, asian-americans how do you reach those people?

>> beneed to reform our immigration system. there is more student loan debt in this country right now than there is credit card .

>> it tells you something about what is going to drives the weeks ahead is this immigration debate . thank you all for a spirited discussion this sunday morning. appreciate it very